Ignite: Hope & Health

Welcome to Ignite: Hope & Health

The Body of Christ — the local Congregation — this is our passion!

We believe that God works through this Body, and we want to partner with you to renew and revitalize your congregation—enabling you to accomplish all that you have been called to do in God's design. Offering encouragement and hope, we seek out small sparks and work jointly with you to affect positive change to become a healthy and growing congregation. We help you explore and assess your present situation and congregational health in a more focused way.

From a simple workshop or assessment to a comprehensive whole-church endeavor, we will develop and personalize a process that works for your specific circumstances. We help you ignite the sparks in your congregation that will assist you in sharing God's Light with your community and the world.

We offer:

"...the mind of a teacher, the ears of a spiritual director, the heart of a pastor and the hands of a manager..."

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